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Tour of Suisse Women

12 June 2024

This weekend we have a very special race for us, Tour of Suisse! Our home race. This year, the route it’s the most hard ever.

The race will start on Saturday Villars-sur-Ollon with a mountain stage, but only 58.6 kilometers, riders will star climbing Col de la Croix (3.9 km – 8.9%) from the start and after the long descent from there, will face the next finish climb at Villars-sur-Ollon (8.6km – 8%). This will be the first test for general clasification riders.

There’s no much ITT in the women’s calendar so we are very gratfeul to put our riders on this effort in this race, that always had one on the planning. this will be on Sunday with 16 kilometers from Aigle to Villars-sur-Ollon, the final part is 10.2 kilometers at 8% gradient. Another important day for the general clasification.

Monday’s stage could be an oportunity for pouncheurs riders. the stage has 126 kilometers from Vevey to Champagne with some climbs like Cremiers ( 6.2km – 4.6%) from the start, Thierrens (7.4km – 4%) next to Orzens (5.2km – 3.8%) and finally and only 14km to the finish they will face Villars – Burquin (4.4km – 6.8%). From there, short descent to the finish line.

The final day on Tuesday will be a hard one aswell. Riders will ascent 600m from the start to the top of Col des Etroits (11.3km – 4.9%) in only 21 kilometers. In the next kilometers there’s a long ascent again but this one isn’t categorize and don’t have points. The last climb of the race will be La Vue des Alpes (5.2km – 4.8%), and then there’s a long descent to the finsh line in Champagne.

For this special race this will be our super team: Elena Pirrone, Anna Kiesenhofer, Nathalie Eklund, Giorgia Vettorello and the switzerland Elena Hartmann who will enjoy to race in her country. Let’s go girls!

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